Thursday, October 24, 2013


Today while sitting at work, I realized how special individuals are. Sometimes we loose that focus. I have so many amazing people in my life, I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am. 

This morning I decided to skip class and sleep in a little bit. It was just a nice morning to be at home and relax a little bit! I got to talk to one of my missions companions, and then hang out with my mom and my little nephew. The Facebook messages and Instagram pictures will always still be there. The small moments of being silly with your mom and nephew will never be. I'm going to try and "disconnect" and pay attention to the ones I love! 

It reminds me of my Savior who feels everything I go through. He knows the desires of my heart and the love I have for others he has for me! I realized I'm able to share that love with others. Love is something that has always come to me pretty easily. I sometimes can become a momma bear if someone I love gets hurt, but then you remember they are children of God too. My Savior is there Savior and loves them just as much as he loves me. I may not understand what they are going through, but he does.

It's something I am eternally grateful for. Today I am just grateful. Life is a little easier when we remember the important people and the than the important things. 

Today I am grateful!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How I chose Ukraine!

People have asked why I have wanted to go to Ukraine? Because it's a place where I have always wanted to go and help people! Here are a few experiences I've had. 

A co-worker of mine had received his mission call to go to Ukraine! I was really jealous! I wanted to go there, I had no idea why! It's just something that stayed in my soul. I had later got my mission call to Los Angeles to serve at the visitor center at the temple. I was studying the media one day when I found a video the church had done of the new temple that was to be dedicated in Kiev. I felt the spirit really strong, and ever since then I have wanted to go! I didn't know how I was going to get there, I was just going to go. 

After I had gotten home from my mission I was going to a friends house to get something for a party I was hosting when I was talking to my friends dad about what was going in my life since I had been home. We started talking about Ukraine randomly, when he told me that he had a friend call him and ask him if he knew of any students or people working in therapetutic recreation. It was to go work in an orphanage and live in Kiev for four months! Also we got to travel around Europe! Dream come true, as time got closer to apply, nothing was working out. Because turns out my. Family needed me for things we can gone through together. I always felt that the time wasn't right and I would go again soon.

That is the story of how Ukraine came to be! I want to keep progress of all the hairs I do, and the experiences I learn through this trip. 

I'm just an ordinary girl, and wants to do extraordinary things! Click on the link below to donate to the cause.